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Blogging is beautiful. It’s the modern form of expressionism. It’s the digital diary of today’s dreamers.

What advice can you give to up and coming bloggers?

Be passionate about your topic.
If you don’t absolutely love love love the topic of your blog then it might be hard to maintain it over time. And I am not sure if blogging about wildly different topics is a good idea (although it does work for some). Before I started writing about I sat down and quickly came up with 6 months worth of topic ideas. I felt like that was enough for me to move forward.

1. Just do it.
I’ve witnessed a lot of people spend a lot of time simply contemplating their good idea…Should I? Shouldn’t I? My advice is stop (over) thinking it and just do it! Especially when it comes to something like blogging, the start-up costs are minimal so there really isn’t much to lose (financially speaking).

2. Be authentic.
I can’t stress this enough and that’s for many reasons. First of all, being yourself is the easiest thing to maintain over a long period of time. And secondly, authentic is just the right way to be in general (in my opinion!).

3. Get personal.
You don’t have to air all of your dirty laundry, but I think it’s a good idea to let your readers get to know you a bit. When bloggers sound like robots on Facebook I just don’t think it goes over as well as when you sound like a real person (that experiences ups and downs like everyone else). Just my two cents.
Be original.
This is one of those golden rules of life – don’t copy other people’s blog content and also be sure to give credit when credit is due! You know how it goes, “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.”

4. Make your site “sticky.”
There’s nothing like a big unexpected media story about your blog that makes your traffic shoot straight up to watch it just shoot straight back down. No matter what you do you will have big spikes like that, but it’s best to end up (at least) a little better off than when you started. So give people reasons to subscribe to your email list or like your Facebook page – and make these reasons obvious. There’s nothing better than having people stick around to see what you have to say. The feeling of knowing that people are coming back to see what you have published is a great feeling and one worth working towards.

5. Be careful about committing publicly.
Anytime you say “I’ll share this review on Thursday” or “I’ll upload the video of the event tomorrow” you are suddenly publicly committed and will feel the need to follow through. And, as we all know, sometimes life just gets in the way and Thursday comes and goes – and the guilt slowly follows. So, for me, I’ve found it works best to say things like “I’ll share this recipe on the blog soon!”. Because unless it’s already typed up and scheduled to be published this allows the kind of flexibility I often need.

6. Don’t just talk about yourself.
Share interesting and relevant posts from other bloggers on your social media channels (not just your guest posts !). Other bloggers can be your biggest ally in this industry.

7. Clean house when you need to.
I’ve had to do this myself more than I’d like to admit. But for some reason people on Facebook can be REALLY mean from behind their computer screen. Not only do their comments not usually add any value, but it is not good for the other users’ experience (because they tell me so). So I created a comment policy and I enforce it by banning users who violate these simple rules. It’s not that I don’t tolerate the opposing viewpoint – because I most certainly do! – but I do demand respect. This is my page after all, and I must maintain control as best I can.

8. Break the rules.
Don’t put too much emphasis on all the blogging rules out there (even these!). Just do what feels right and success will (hopefully) follow!

Becoming a Professional Blogger: What does it take?

You don’t need academic qualifications to earn a living with your personal blog, but a degree in a subject that involves a lot of writing will certainly help. For full-time jobs with an element of blogging, companies will sometimes expect their bloggers to have a personal blog so they understand the blogging world.

For personal blogs, what you will need is a large audience, and to get that you’ll need to make sure your content is fresh, entertaining, engaging and highly sharable. The more you write, the better you’ll get at it. Once you have enough of an audience, you can start to talk to advertisers. The best blogs usually focus on a specific subject, such as films, music, cookery or sport and feature a variety of original content including images and videos.

Online Services Most Likely To Influence People

Bloggers 2 Brands is a platform for bloggers to showcase their talents. It is a network of like-minded individuals sharing and collaborating to better their careers and turn their blog into something that has more impact and influence.

Influencer Marketing is now part of the everyday marketing mix. It’s the next evolution of social media marketing. Influencer Marketing helps brands become more human by connecting them with consumers through authentic storytelling.

Marketers view authentic storytelling as the most important aspect of Influencer Marketing. Influencers believe that it’s an honest and authentic voice that keeps their audience engaged (71%).

I DO expect that the relationship is a tit-for-tat one. If you want me to do something for you, do something for me.

  • Give me access to your product for free or at a discount
  • Give me proprietary information about your brand such as pre-release or custom info. I especially respond well when you offer a piece of content that matches my target reader and meets my editorial guidelines. Crafting fresh content is expensive and time-consuming. Help me out and I’ll help you out.
  • Help me reach my goals by helping me build my audience. Share, like, comment on my stuff, join my social networks and do the same there …

And, in his study, most of Solis’s influencer respondents feel the same way I do. Although many influencers have different motivation — they became an influencer for the money it would bring in. Again, I think this is somewhat dangerous as you can easily destroy the influencer’s value by paying them.


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