A Childhood Dream

Becoming a blogger doesn’t happen by chance. It takes determination, hustle and plenty of sleepless nights slaving away at your computer. But if you’re willing to do the (really hard!) work, your dream of running a successful blog can come true. So how does one get there?

First, start writing. (Duh.)

Sure, it may sound like an obvious starting point. But it is easy to get caught up in the stress surrounding starting a blog. Instead of worrying about getting your post read, focus first on posting. You really need not worry over whether anyone will read it, or if the images and content is good. Just focus on getting in the habit of writing articles. Get comfortable with your own writing style, taste and timings. The best thing to do is just to write, write and write – and put yourself in the reader’s shoes. It has to be something you would read yourself.

Next: Edit, and then edit some more.

Once you have put together your first post, it is time to make revisions. There are loads of great bloggers, and even they don’t get it right first time round. Make sure that your post is as polished as possible. Read over it and see whether it tells the story you had intended it too. Check for spelling mistakes, grammar and cut out or add content where necessary. Another great thing to do is network with other bloggers starting out. Working together you can help motivate and guide one another, and share supporters and resources.

Getting out there.

Now that you have put together content that is worthwhile, start outreaching and publicizing your work. Customize your blog design and ensure it is both user friendly and appropriate. Add your blog to blogging networks and communities. Create social media accounts to promote your work. But most importantly, blog frequently.

The most important tip I can give you about promoting your blog is to not be shy about telling people about your blog!
I have heard from many bloggers who tell me that they don’t promote their blog simply because they don’t feel it is worthy of promotion. They say things like “I don’t have enough posts yet” or “I need to work on my site design first”.
Don’t do this to yourself! If you have put in the time to setup a great site and with great content, then you need to tell people about it. Be proud of the work you have put in.
So just how do you promote your blog? Well, it turns out the most effective methods of promotion are free!

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